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History: 2011 to 1974


Constructed a state of the art fully automated highly versatile 6-column (glass columns) pilot unit with 100 to 150 litre resin capacity per column at a cost of over a million GB Pound Sterling.

The entire system was constructed of FDA approved materials and welding including the resins.

September 2010:

Published 2 patents.

  1. International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000478 (, Whey or Raw Milk Demineralisation and Fractionation.
  2. International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000479 (, Process for the Isolation and Purification of 3’ Sialyl Lactose.


Developed techniques for the isolation and purification of the oligosaccharide sialyl lactose from milk, whey and milk/whey


Developed techniques to demineralise whey without the use of chemicals.


Developed a further improved whey demineralisation system which further doubled the throughput per cycle and reduced chemical and water usage on the system.


Techniques developed using ion exchange resins to demineralise whey by doing away with the conventional counter-current regeneration and the engineering difficulties associated with it. By keeping the bed packed at all times and by employing co-current regeneration the performance of the plant was improved by 350% while halving chemical and water usage on a state-of-the-art plant.

August 1996:

Separation Techniques becomes an independent company. Mr Stephen Scott (Engineering) and Dr. Ash Krishnapillai (Food Processing, Biochemistry and Pharmacology background) become the principals of the business.


Helen Scott passed away. The Company renamed as Separation Techniques Limited, whilst still retained by Rohm and Haas.


Alan Scott from Rohm and Haas a resin manufacturer sets up Prodesman Limited to address the engineering needs of ion-exchange plants. Helen Scott joins Prodesman. The company was retained by Rohm and Haas.


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