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Intellectual Property


Historically, the company was formed based on engineering skills for designing fluid distribution systems used in ion exchange vessels. Between 1994 and 1996 significant funds were allocated to testing these calculations for designing fluid distribution systems, which resulted in the development of unique and inventive equations by Stephen Scott. These mathematical equations unique to Separation Techniques  are used for the construction of all our fluid distribution systems with warranties that the fluid flow into and out of the ion exchange vessel is uniform across the entire bed area. With the introduction of these fluid distribution systems we are now able to offer systems with some significant key features exclusive to Separation Techniques Limited:

  • The distributors may be operated submerged in liquid or in the air space above the liquid level
  • Fluid flow rate anywhere in the ratio of 1:15
  • Use shallow beds to reduce pressure drop without loss of resin performance
  • Any size of ion exchange vessel from a few mm in diameter to as large as the customer can physically build it

Generic Information

Separation Techniques’ strong technical background knowledge and expertise is not limited to whey processing alone, but can be applied seamlessly to other industries where bulk and fine purification schemes would be necessitated. With our unique distributors and technical skills we can guarantee that the process would be simple and would use the smallest amounts of chemicals and water for a given throughput of raw material.

Oligosaccharides from milk & whey permeates:

In 2008 Separation Techniques Limited developed processing techniques for isolating milk oligosaccharides. The oligosaccharide research resulted in the isolation and purification of sialyllactose from bovine milk/ whey/ whey or milk permeate. From a starting concentration as low as 50 ppm in the raw material a final concentration of >20% w/w of 3’-sialyllactose was obtained in the finished product, which can be successfully used in infant formulations as well as in other human nutraceutical applications. This isolation process has been highly successful and is now the subject of an International Patent, Ref 1.

Whey demineralisation

Whey demineralisation has been an on-going research at SepTech since 1997 and has resulted in massive improvements in the traditional ion exchange process for whey demineralisation. This research has culminated in the development of a process by Separation Techniques where demineralisation is achieved without the use of chemicals, Ref 2.


Reference 1: International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000479 (, Process for the Isolation and Purification of 3’ Sialyl Lactose.

Reference 2: International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000478 (, Whey or Raw Milk Demineralisation and Fractionation.


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