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The Septech Team

Mr. Jim Campion

Working as a free-lance consultant, Jim is an instrument engineer.

Since 2000 he has teamed up with Separation Technologies Limited and liaised with Stephen and Ash in providing the necessary process logics, control elements, instrument link-up, level control and safety guards on SepTech's systems. 

Dr. Ash Krishnapillai

Ash joined the Separation Technologies team in 1997 when he was working at Merck Sharp & Dohme, UK on his University research into “brain cell death following an ischaemic injury via NMDA receptor activation” and developing targeted drugs to combat this.

With a PhD in Biochemistry (enzyme purification) and a double Masters in Food Technology and Pharmacology, Ash is involved in process development and scale up of bespoke processes for the end customer in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Nutritional industries using chromatographic and ion exchange techniques. He has also acted as consultant for fish feed industries and developed techniques for retaining the carotenoid pigment in salmon feed using shrimp waste.

With the invention of three patents to his credit  in the fields of enzyme purification, whey demineralisation and oligosaccharide purification, he has teaching and research experience at University level as well as 17 years of experience carrying out various research and process development activities for different industries using resin technology. 

Mr. Stephen Scott

Mr Scott has been with Separation Technologies’ predecessor Prodesman Limited since 1985. In 1994, Prodesman Limited was renamed as Separation Technologies Limited and Stephen Scott continued as a Director of Separation Technologies offering the same services.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University and an interest in mathematics and physics, Stephen worked on building a magnetic separator for the kaolin industry where material flow rates are extremely large in the range of 400m3/hour through a 100 mm diameter pipe.

Stephen developed equations to allow for the uniform flow of liquids through these pipes at high velocities, which were then applied to the ion exchange industry for developing fluid distribution systems.

These calculations were thoroughly tested on custom built distribution systems and verified on pilot units as well as full scale production in the early 90s for the pharmaceutical industry where tolerances were very tight with outstanding success. These unique and inventive equations ensured uniform flow of fluid through each of the individual pipes and holes in a fluid distribution system used to dispense fluids into and out of the ion exchange resin vessels.

All this research has resulted in the development of mathematical equations unique to Separation Technologies Limited, which are used for the construction of all our fluid distribution systems with warranties that the fluid flow into and out of the ion exchange vessel is uniform across the entire bed area. With the introduction of these fluid distribution systems we are now able to offer systems with some significant key features unique to Separation Technologies Limited. 

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