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Separation Techniques (SepTech) is a group of process and engineering specialists, best known for their technical excellence and bringing together a highly skilled technical team to create the development and scale up of processes for the Food, Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries using ion exchange resin technology.

With over 37 years of experience in the ion exchange industry, our clients have included General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline Beecham, Kerry Ingredients Limited, Bioatlantis, ICI, Carbery Food Ingredients Ltd, Airworthy, Shonan Inc, Arab Potash Company, Bonlac Foods, First Ireland Spirits, etc. In 2008 SepTech filed for 2 patents in the field of whey processing including Oligosaccharide purification.

In 1996, Ash Krishnapillai who had extensive knowledge in Biochemistry, Food Processing as well as Pharmaceutical applications joined the business. This has meant that we are able to develop processes for the end customer for Food, Biotechnology, Nutritional, Neutraceutical and Pharmaceutical applications.

Since 2000, we have also been able to draw on the skills of Jim Campion to fully automate the instrumentation and control elements for the smooth operation of the ion exchange system with very little manual input from operators. This has meant that we can now offer complete turn-key solutions to the end customer if desired.

Being versatile, we are now able to provide complete solutions to the end customer or seamlessly blend in with the customer’s requirement and provide just the key elements required for the successful scale-up and operation of the main plant.

  • With our extremely versatile laboratory equipment using resins from as little as 200 mL to 2,000 mL and on-line monitoring kit coupled to computing software we are able to rapidly develop new processes and are also be able to test customer developed processes using ion exchange resins prior to their scale-up, to reduce risks to the customer. All our laboratory systems are fitted with our proprietary fluid distribution systems and are controlled and operated in much the same fashion as a full-scale plant, which guarantees performance scale-up.
  • Separation Techniques’ expertise includes process development and scale up using
  • Ion exchange resins (such as those used in whey demineralisation)
  • Ion exclusion resins (used as a pre-step in oligosaccharide purification)
  • Chromatographic resins Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (used in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology applications for high value products.


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