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Separation Techniques Limited has a wide range of experience in process development using resin technology and includes some very versatile products. We have worked on removing fungicides from fruit juice, sugar decolourisation, whey demineralisation, enzyme purification, oligosaccharide purification, antibiotic purifications, etc. Some recent examples include:

Fruit Alcohol Purification

In the year 2000, SepTech developed a process for the removal of colour, flavour and odour components from a fermented fruit juice solution to yield 15% ethanol with virtually no contaminants in the purified product stream to be used in flavoured alcoholic beverages.

Beta-Glucans from seaweed:

In 2006, SepTech made a breakthrough by developing a single step process for the isolation and purification of B-Glucans from an aqueous seaweed extract using a SINGLE resin column. We are currently in discussions with an Irish company for its scale-up.

Oligosaccharide Purification:

SepTech have successfully isolated 3’ and 6’ sialyllactose from whey or whey & milk permeates. Concentrations were raised from about 50 ppm in the starting material to ~20% by weight of solids with greater than 80% recovery in the final product.

This work has led to the publication of an International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2010/000479 , Process for the Isolation and Purification of 3’ Sialyl Lactose (

Whey Processing

Whey processing has been one of the processes that has been extensively researched by SepTech. We have experience working with fresh rennet whey at 6% solids, NF whey at >20% solids, and even acid whey. Our whey processing systems have the lowest known chemical usage for achieving >90% demineralisation. Our work on whey processing has led to the development of a whey demineralisation process without the use of chemicals and the publication of an International Patent Application Whey or Raw Milk Demineralisation and Fractionation, Number:  PCT/GB2010/000478 (, .

Separation Techniques’ expertise includes process development and scale up using

  1. Ion exchange resins (such as those used in whey demineralisation)
  2. Ion exclusion resins (used as a pre-step in oligosaccharide purification)
  3. Chromatographic resins
  4. Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (used in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology applications)


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