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Typical Plant Performance

The sharpness of the elution peaks shown in the following elution graphs is typical of SepTech designs. These graphs show good resolution of the peaks with neither any leading /rounded peaks at the beginning nor tailing of the peaks at the end. This is indicative of a healthy ion exchange system and includes amongst others a well packed resin bed with excellent plug flow that has been achieved using good fluid distribution systems designed to deliver optimum performance. This principle forms the simple but crucial basis of successful ion-exchange scale up applied by Separation Techniques Limited on all its process applications.

Anion Effluent profile: Within 3 bv of regenerant & rinse water (combined), the resin is ready to go back into production.

Cation Effluent profile: Within 2 bv of regenerant & rinse water (combined), the cation resin is ready to go back into production.

Good results during chromatographic separation or ion exchange is not solely dependent on the correct choice of resin. It also depends upon several other factors and would include:
  • Good chemistry - the right choice of regenerant and carefully selected flow rates
  • Very low mixing volumes so as to prevent dilution of material entering or leaving the column. This shows up as sharp flow fronts (please see photo on the right: The brownish discolouration is the sharp front proceeding down during regeneration)
  • Good packing of the resin bed
  • Good fluid distribution designs

Emphasis is placed by SepTech on its distributor designs to ensure that the top of the bed is not disturbed at the different flow rates used in the process. In addition to even distribution of flow into and out of the entire resin bed area, the distributors itself must not be clogged by the feed material or indeed the resin itself and there must be no dead spaces.



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